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positivity + compassion + empathy  

Green Aventurine is connected with our Heart Chakra helping to clear stuck emotions. It is a positive energy stone promoting compassion and empathy within us and can also protect us against environmental pollution.

Aventurine is a crystal that is ideal for helping us take on a leadership role or any role where quick decisions are needed to be made, through encouraging our perserverance and strength.

It can help us see situations from a different perspective and it helps to enhance our perception.

It is a crystal for well-being and creativity. It can help us find and nurture the right relationships into our lives. It is known as "the heart healer" opening us up to new possibilities and allowing us to be receptive to change with hope and positivity in tow.

Tumblestones are the most versatile crystal shape making them perfect for crystal healing, meditation, laid on the skin or simply held in your hand.

Aventurine Chakra: Heart Chakra

Aventurine Zodiac: Cancer

Hardness: # 6.5 - 7

Measurements: Approximately 30mm to 40mm

*These tumbles are all different shapes, your tumble will be chosen intuitively just for you.

x1 Tumble

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