Agate Sphere

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grounding + balance + strength

The hues of this Agate sphere are like the colours of the universe and remind me of an exploding red nova star with the exquisite deep reds, blues and black. A truly exceptional piece and one I have never seen before with such striking deep tones.

Crystal spheres are simple to style and will sit proudly on any bookshelf or side table bringing gorgeous, balancing and grounding energy. Agate loves to connect to us emotionally and this piece will radiate its beautiful gentle energy throughout your home.

Agate comes in many different colours and styles, they are well known for being harmonising and balancing. Wonderful for when life becomes too much. It helps us slow down, centre ourselves and bring feelings of grounding and stability. Perfect for when we are upset or find ourselves in a difficult situation.

Agate is especially cleansing of our aura, gently helping remove unwanted negativity and soothe feelings of anger and worry. 

Agate is truth, removes negativity, bitterness, inner anger all whilst encouraging us to love ourselves and have strength when needed.

Agate Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Agate Chakra: All

Hardness: #7

Measurements¬†‚öĖ:¬†approximately 68mm across /428¬†grams


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