Amethyst Bowl | Hand Carved + Polished


calming + protective + peaceful

Amethyst is the friend that can make you feel safe and calm simply by being in their presence 💫

These beautiful unique Amethyst bowls have been hand carved**, polished and will add a serene, peaceful and calming presence within any room. 

They are natural with a good weight to them and thick sides. Each one an individual making an eye catching display for tumbles, sage or palo santo. The options are endless and they are so easy to place on coffee tables, side tables or altars.  

- High Grade, Genuine + Ethical Amethyst from Bahia, Brazil

- Beautiful addition to your home helping bring a sense of calm

- Perfect piece for display

- Calming + Peaceful

- Perfect for meditation/reaching deeper states of consciousness

- High energy Amethyst

- Works with the Crown Chakra

Amethyst loves to calm the energy of any room, bringing with it a sense of patience, relieving anxieties and helping to remove unwanted negative energies. It makes a thoughtful and sweet gift for anyone going through the trauma of sadness and grief as it gently supports feelings and emotions of coming to terms with loss.

It works perfectly with your Crown (Sahawara) Charka and is one of the most well known crystals for a reason, It is extremely powerful and protective, working at a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst blocks stress and negative environment energies with strong healing and cleansing powers, calming anger, rage, fear and anxiety.

Amethyst can help you reach a deep and relaxing, higher state of consciousness in meditation.  Also a natural sleep aid it can help you have a better nights rest and makes a beautiful bedside addition.

Historically amethyst was worn to prevent drunkenness as it has a sobering effect on over-indulgence and can even help in overcoming addictions.

Crystals become a part of your family and easily one of your most precious possessions.

I find the idea of having a crystal collection that can in time become a family heirloom and be passed down through generations is something very, very special. Crystals are more than just a pretty stone to be forgotten about and the thought of passing them down within a family along with the stories and good memories attached to them is exactly how they are meant to journey through life with us ✨

Amethyst Chakra


Amethyst Zodiac Sign 


Measurements/Weight ⚖

 ** As this is a natural, hand polished and carved bowl imperfections are to be expected and each bowl is unique. Your bowl will be intuitively selected just for you.

Medium: W 100mm - 110mm x H 40mm - 50mm / 500gm - 600gm

Large: W 110mm - 120mm x H 50mm - 60mm / 700gm - 800gm


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