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calming + protective + peaceful

Amethyst portals are energy vortices! Stunning & high grade, this Amethyst portal has been mounted onto its own stand. It can help add a peaceful and calming presence within any room. Portals are perfect for working with intention and connecting with higher realms to receive guidance/messages during meditation.

Amethyst brings a sense of patience, relieving worries and helps remove unwanted negative energies. It makes a thoughtful and sweet gift for anyone going through the trauma of sadness and grief as it gently supports our feelings and emotions whilst coming to terms with loss.

It works with our Crown Chakra and really is one of the most well-known crystals for a reason. Amethyst is extremely powerful and protective always working at a high spiritual vibration.

Amethyst can help us reach a deep and relaxing, higher state of consciousness in meditation. Historically amethyst was worn to prevent drunkenness as it has a sobering effect on our mind and body therefore helping to prevent over-indulgence.

Amethyst Chakra:  Crown

Amethyst Zodiac:  Aquarius

Hardness:  # 7

Measurements: H 350mm x W 205mm

Weight ‚öĖ : 3.416 kg

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