Ametrine Bracelet

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harmony + clarity + strength 

Crystal bracelets are the perfect way to connect with any crystal. Worn close to the skin and for long periods of time, it enables them to work directly with our energy to bring feelings of balance and healing.

Ametrine is a beautiful mix of Amethyst and Citrine and it's all about bringing our journey harmony. It is a wonderful crystal for enhancing our imagination and manifesting our dreams as it harnesses both the physical and psychic realms.

Ametrine helps bring us with both spiritual and mental clarity, strengthening concentration and promoting lucid dreaming. Like a beacon of light to helping us find our way.

It can help bring up wisdom that is buried deep within our minds and create a foundation for mental stability and self-confidence.

Ametrine loves to soothe and calm our mind whilst also igniting happiness and creativity throughout our body and soul.

Ametrine Chakra: Crown + Solar Plexus

Agate Zodiac Sign: Pisces + Sagittarius

Hardness: # 7

Measurements:  Each bead is approximately 8mm

Each piece has been polished and hand strung. Elastic cord makes these beautiful bracelets easy to wear and one size fits most. 


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