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compassion + peace + communication

Angelite connects with our Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and helps bring us compassion and acceptance, especially of things that cannot be changed.

It is known to enable out of body journeys to take place whilst keeping us grounded. Angelite is called Angelite for a reason as it helps us connect with and gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm.

It is a powerful crystal for deepening our attunement and heightening our perception.

Angelite helps bring us feelings of peace and calm within, especially when faced with expressing and voicing our truth.

Angelite Chakra:  Throat, Third Eye, + Crown Chakra

Angelite Zodiac: Aquarius

Hardness: 3.5


Size A: 50mm - 55mm 

Size B: 35mm - 40mm 

Size C: (small pieces) 20mm - 25mm 

x1 Piece

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