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clarity + inner wisdom + trust

Aquamarine (aka "The Breath Stone") connects with our throat chakra and heart chakras helping encourage clear communication whilst inspiring feelings of unconditional self-love and compassion.

Aquamarine is known to bridge communication with our higher self and is a wonderful crystal in meditation, helping bring us guidance and peace.

It is well known for helping improve clarity, trust and our tolerance of difficult situations.  It promotes intuition, intellect and inner wisdom. Aquamarine has a calm, beautiful and tranquil stillness about it, helping clear worries and bring strength.

Aquamarine Chakra:  Throat & Heart Chakras

Aquamarine Zodiac: Pisces

Hardness: # 7.5 - 8


Size A: 30mm-40mm

Size B: 20mm - 29mm

Size C: 10mm - 19mm

* Your rough piece will be intuitively chosen just for you.

x1 Piece.

Afterpay & Laybuy Available