Bespoke Handmade Hamsa Hand Incense Holder | Limited Edition

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A beautiful bespoke clay piece.

These Hamsa Hand incense holders are each individually handmade by the talented Clay by Bee, with each piece individually designed to showcase its uniqueness.

With a beautiful soft glaze that breaks over the texture, to emphasise the delicate patterning. It combines strong protective and feminine energy, with the Hamsa Hand andĀ Sacred Durga Yantra GeometryĀ universally known as symbols forĀ protection and good luck.

This holderĀ is perfect for your incense, cones, white sage or even jewellery.

Their uniqueness and hand crafted aesthetic means each piece varies in colour, shape and style, please be aware your piece may be slightly different to those photographed.

Measurements:Ā Ā 155mm x 80mm

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