Blue Aragonite Palmstone

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clarity + inspiration + optimisim

Blue Aragonite is idyllic and a strong crystal that connects with our Throat Chakra. It can help us find the words to voice any buried or stuck emotions. It helps us to stand up for ourselves when faced with difficult situations and communicate ourselves clearly.

Blue Aragonite is joyful, calm and inspiring, bringing an air of confidence with it. It helps us to understand situations in life with a newfound confidence inspiring clarity, intuition and patience within.

Use Blue Aragonite whilst meditating to help increase communication with the universe and spirit guides. It is a wonderful crystal to help us process any difficult emotions from the past, let go and fully embrace our journey ahead by helping enhance joyful feelings of optimism and inspiration.

Blue Aragonite Chakra: Throat Chakra

Blue Aragonite Zodiac: Capricorn

Hardness:¬†ÔĽŅ# 3.5 - 4

Measurements:  68mm x 48mm

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