Chocolate Opal Palm Stone

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 peace + serenity + intuition

Chocolate Opal connects with our Sacral chakra and has an intense creative and supportive energy. It is high vibrational and mysterious offering us grounding, peace and serenity.

Opal crystals are nurturing and chocolate opal is no exception, It encourages feelings of tranquillity and helps us release emotion. It helps inspire deep creative moments and visions, bringing protection to our body and aura as it connects with earth and water elements.

Chocolate Opal is well known for the magic it can bring to rituals as it encourages us to act on our dreams instead of just thinking about them.

Chocolate Opal Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Chocolate Opal Zodiac: -

Hardness: #5.5 – 6.5


Palm #1 - 65mm x 46mm

Palm #2 - 63mm x 45mm

Palm #3 - 64mm x 48mm

Palm #4 - 55mm x 38mm

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