Chrysoprase Palm Stone

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self-love + independence + security

Chrysoprase connects with our heart and sacral chakras helping bring a balancing of yin and yang energies. It encourages and stimulates creativity helping revitalise our body.

Chrysoprase promotes independence, truth, hope and commitment ,helping bring a sense of security and trust into our life. It facilitates cleansing of the mind bringing about clarity and balance.

It encourages empathy and forgiveness, helping bring feelings of joy and happiness. Chrysoprase helps us see our own beauty and the beauty others improving our self-growth and self-love.

If you suffer from nightmares Chrysoprase can help promote deep relaxation and calm sleep.

Chrysoprase Chakra: Heart & Sacral Chakras

Chrysoprase Zodiac: Gemini

Hardness: # 6.5 - 7


Palm #1 - 60mm x 55mm

Palm #2 - 60mm x 50mm

Palm #3 - 60mm x 55mm

Palm #4 - 75mm x 50mm

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