Citrine Cluster | Large

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creativity + joy + energy 

An absolutely stunning, freestanding statement piece full of gorgeous Citrine vibes.

Citrine connects with our Solar Plexus Chakra helping bring out our creativity and individual power. It is well known for absorbing the energy of the sun, making it the perfect crystal for manifesting.

Citrine neutralises and grounds negative energies. It can help warm up and energise all areas of our life. It is a crystal full of abundance and prosperity and inspires happiness and generosity around us.

It can help raise our self-esteem and confidence making it wonderful for expressing all of our individuality and creativity.

Citrine does not need cleansing and it brings so much joyful energy. It is a wonderful addition to any daily healing practice.

Citrine Chakra: Sacral + Solar Plexus Chakras

Citrine Zodiac: Sagittarius

Hardness: # 7

Measurements: 270mm  x 165mm x 55mm 

Weight: 4.014kg

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