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cleanse + enhance + connect

These mini, half geodes have semi-polished edges with some gorgeous sparkle.

Clear Quartz is known as "The Master Healer". It connects with all of the Chakras throughout our body helping cleanse and bring us balance. However, Clear Quartz is particularly wonderful when connecting with our Crown Chakra, helping bring about a connection to spirit and opening us up to the higher realms, making it great for spiritual growth and emotional stability.

It is known to absorb, store, release and regulate our energy. When we use Clear Quartz during meditation it can help calm our mind whilst clearing away distractions and enhancing our concentration.

Clear Quartz is wonderful for manifesting and can help inspire focus and clarity on our goals and dreams.

It is also great to place with other crystals to enhance their own individual, energetic properties.

Clear Quartz Chakra: All + Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz Zodiac:  Aries

Hardness:  # 7

Measurements: 35mm - 45mm

* Please note your geode will be intuitively chosen just for you.

x1 geode half

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