Hematoid (Fire) Quartz Palm Stone #2

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vitality + passion + self expression

Hematoid Quartz connects with our root chakra amplifying and balancing our energy.

It helps enhance our vitality and creativity creating a bridge between the physical and metaphysical. It encourages self-expression and promotes passion helping us step into our authentic power.

Hematoid Quartz fires up our imagination bringing clarity and promoting our self-esteem, helping us uncover and understand our emotions on a deeper level. It can inspire us to go after and accomplish our goals.

Hematoid Quartz Chakra: Root and lower Chakras

Hematoid Quartz Zodiac: Taurus & Gemini

Hardness: # 6.5


Palm #1 - 60mm x 47mm

Palm #2 - 60mm x 50mm

Palm #3 - 45mm x 40mm

Palm #4 - 68mm x 38mm

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