Flower Agate Piece | Semi Polished

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Self-growth + comfort + positivity

Allow yourself to bloom and pursue your dreams with beautiful Flower Agate.

Flower Agate has a beautiful feminine energy that can help us recognise our dreams and bring them into reality. Associated with Virgo, Flower Agate connects with both our Root and Heart Chakras opening, healing, comforting and encouraging our own self growth.

Flower Agate can help nourish our soul by creating a connection between our Heart and Root Chakras, This helps bring us comfort and grounding. It enhances joy and positive energy and inspires us to acknowledge our fears and overcome obstacles to live our lives to the fullest.

Overall it is nurturing and loving, helping us uncover our dreams whilst also helping bring us the desire and drive to accomplish them.

Flower Agate Chakra: Root + Heart Chakra

Flower Agate Zodiac: Virgo

Hardness: # 6.5 - 7

Measurements: 70mm x 39mm x 16mm 

Weight ⚖️: 69gm

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