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Fluorite | Rainbow | Polished

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concentration + inner peace + protection

This exquisite rainbow Fluorite slice brings enchantment and beauty to every space. Its polished finish reflects light from theĀ sun, and its unique shape is the perfect addition to any desk setting.

FluoriteĀ is known for protection and helping block us from computer and electromagnetic stressors.

When life is in need of a spring clean Fluorite is our crystal. ItĀ brings cleansing and detoxification to our aura and helps transform negative energy into positive energy. Fluorite promotes and enhances mental clarity and deep relaxation, it helps with memory retention and is perfect when we are studying or learning.

Fluorite connects with our upper chakras helping enhance communication, bringing inner peace and clarity. It helps us process information and declutter our minds to flow with ease from one task to another.

Fluorite Chakra:Ā Heart + Third Eye Chakra

Fluorite Zodiac:Ā Capricorn

Hardness:Ā # 4

Measurements:Ā 148mm x 118mm x 0.17mm

* Please note as crystals are a natural product there are small imperfections.

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