Green Moonstone Palm Stone

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balance + intuition + freedom

Green Moonstone has all the goddess moonstone vibes combined with beautiful earthy colours and a gentle grounding energy!

Green moonstone is magical during those times when we don't feel strong enough inside. It has a high energy with a gentle approach calming our heart and mind. It connects with our Heart Chakra and can also benefit our Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Green Moonstone enhances our intuition drawing its energy from the moon, with a strong focus on our emotions it helps form a link between the moon and the medicine of the earth making it powerfully grounding.

It vibes high, symbolising feminine energy. It can help us break free from stuck emotions and low energy that can hold us back. It is all about removing worries, fears and creating a balance within our emotions so that we may be assertive in our decisions going forward with mental clarity.

It is well known for easing stress, worries, fears, anxiety and overwhelming feelings bringing a sense of emotional freedom helping us go with the flow.

Green Moonstone Chakra: Heart, Crown + Third Eye 

Green Moonstone Zodiac: Cancer + Libra

Hardness: #6 - 6.5


Palm #1 - 50mm x 42mm

Palm #2 - 46mm x 40mm

Palm #3 - 64mm x 37mm

Palm #4 - 51mm x 50mm

*These palms are semi-polished

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