Green Opal Palm Stone

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rejuvenate + nourish + abundance

Green Opal encourages emotional harmony and heart healing. It connects with our heart chakra and brings a sense of rejuvenation helping us let go of the past and move forward, encouraging us to seize new opportunities.

It brings abundance and good luck with a beautiful cleansing and nourishing energy. It promotes happiness and helps heal relationships. It helps bring a lightness to the heart centre it can bring feelings of calm as we move through grief and trauma.

Green Opal promotes healing of the heart and is connected to the energy of water and wood and is well known as the “feel good crystal”.

Green Opal Chakra: Heart Chakra

Green Opal Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Hardness: #5.5 - 6


Palm #1 - 60mm x 50mm

Palm #2 - 60mm x 47mm

Palm #3 - 60mm x 43mm

Palm #4 - 64mm x 54mm

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