Halite Cluster | White

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purification + cleansing + protection

A natural, beautiful cluster of halite in a very light pinky-white colour, formed on top of gorgeous Trona crystal. Perfect for adding a soft touch to your home décor.

Halite is unique and alluring, it has delicate geometric crystal formations and is known as "the natural salt" all about purification of our aura, peace, protection and clarity.

Not only is it extremely peaceful it is perfect for balancing our emotions and calming mood swings, Halite cleanses the upper chakras and inspires feelings of self-love, encouraging us to recognise our personal power.

It provides an uplifting energy and can ease a foggy mind, helping relieve confusion and doubt so we can feel a sense of confidence.

Halite is perfect displayed in a foyer/entrance or near front doors to help purify energy as it enters your home.

Halite Chakra:  All

Halite Zodiac: Pisces + Cancer

Hardness:  # 2 - 2.5

Measurements: 50mm x 53mm x 25mm

Weight ⚖ :  33gm

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