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This chakra healing gift set is individually hand picked using beautiful, individual raw crystals.

Our selection of crystals is curated to connect with each energy centre within our body. A balanced set for all over crystal healing, meditation or simply kept close by during the day or let them work their magic whilst we sleep. 

A wonderful option to help us connect with our chakras to balance the flow of energy throughout our body.

Each set contains seven raw crystals for each energy centre being:

Crown - Clear Quartz for Wisdom and Spirituality

Third Eye - Amethyst for Inspiration and Intuition

Throat - Sodalite for Communication and Hope

Heart - Amazonite for Compassion and Harmony

Solar Plexus - Citrine for Energy and Purpose

Sacral - Carnelian - Emotions and Confidence

Base - Red Jasper - Ground and Stabilise


Each raw crystal is approximately 20 - 40mm

*Please note as each crystal is unique, the crystals received may differ to the photo

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