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patience + compassion + calm 

Howlite is known for helping connect and anchor all our chakras to the earths energy. It helps reduce our feelings of overwhelm and worry by calming the mind.

It is excellent for helping us achieve a deep and relaxing state during meditation and sleep. Howlite can help enhance our ability to communicate from a place of truth and compassion.

Howlite teaches us patience and inspires us to remember and draw on the power we hold within ourselves. It can help us deflect anger aimed towards us and strengthen our positive character traits.

Howlite Chakra: Third Eye + All Chakras

Howlite Zodiac:  Gemini

Hardness # 3.5


Size A: Extra Large - 60mm - 79mm

Size B: Medium - 45mm to 55mm 

Size C: Small - 20mm - 35mm

* Your piece will be intuitively chosen just for you.

 x1 Piece.

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