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soothing + loving + joyful

Kunzite is the ultimate emotional healing crystal. It can help bring soothing, loving and joyful energy into our lives by connecting with and uplifting our heart chakra.

Kunzite has a powerful yet beautiful, calm energy flow as it helps us to work through and let go of heartache whilst surrounding us in its uplifting energy. It can help unblock the upper chakras bringing balance and alignment.

It warms the heart and cools the nerves. A wonderful crystal to have close by if you suffer from overwhelm or worry.

Kunzite Chakra: Heart Chakra

Kunzite Zodiac: Taurus, Leo + Scorpio

Hardness:  # 6.5 - 7

Measurements: you will receive approximately 10 pieces ( 5 grams total)  - each piece is 0.5 - 10mm


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