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peace + harmony + self-expression

Lapis Lazuli connects with and enhances our Third Eye and Throat Chakras by helping us see and become our true, authentic self and enhancing our individual psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli helps bring deep clarity, inspires enlightenment and enhances our dream work. It helps us see things from a different perspective.

It helps us to release worries and fears bringing with it feelings of deep peace, ultimately allowing us to recognise our own personal and spiritual power.

Lapis Lazuli helps balance the harmony between our physical, emotional, and spiritual body, encouraging us to take charge of our life with self-awareness and self-expression.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra:  Throat + Third Eye Chakra

Lapis Lazuli Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Hardness:  # 5 - 6


Size A: 35mm to 40mm  (most pieces are flat)

Size B: 20mm - 30mm (most pieces are flat)

* Your piece will be intuitively chosen just for you.

x1 Piece.

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