Lemurian Quartz Point | Natural

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guidance + wisdom + connection

Lemurian Quartz (aka Lemurian Seed Crystal) is a unique form of Clear Quartz. These pieces have natural ladder like striations on the side/s of the crystal. 

It is said Lemurian Quartz pieces are connected with and hold the conciousness of the beautiful, ancient civilisation of Lemuria (similar to Atlantis). The Lemurians were a spiritually advanced and peaceful civilisation who were gentle and had a deep connection with the earth. It is believed the Lemurian's encoded their knowledge onto the crystals and planted them for us. Working with a Lemurian crystal can help us tap into this ancient knowledge bringing us a sense of wholeness and connection to Lemuria.

Lemurian Quartz are a powerful meditation tool and can help us guide us through transitions in life bringing insight and ancient wisdom. These crystals are well known for helping enhance clairvoyance and telepathy and connecting with our heart chakra, they also bring a gentle and loving energy.

Lemurian Quartz Chakra: Crown & Heart Chakras

Hardness: #7

Measurements: 79mm x 24mm

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