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growth + transformation + protection

A crystal full of courage and joy. Malachite is made to calm and soothe our upper Chakras, it is extremely powerful at cleansing and enhancing the flow of energy and freeing us of any deep rooted emotional pain.

Bringing courage and confidence it can help us take that leap of faith, exposing areas where we may be holding back on our spiritual journey and growth. 

Working with Malachite is truly an experience, It is known to absorb more energy than it emits, creating a protective barrier around us. It is a powerful crystal to help us release blocked energy and protect against negativity.

Malachite is an amplifier of both positive and negative energies. It will absorb negative energies and pollutants easily. Malachite is known to soak up plutonium pollution and guard against radiation of all kinds.

Malachite brings balance and harmony, opening us up to unconditional love.

Malachite Chakra: Heart + Throat Chakras

Malachite Zodiac:  Capricorn

Hardness:  # 3.5 - 4

Measurements:  45mm x 39mm

Weight ⚖️: 49gm

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