Pink Onyx Palo Santo/Incense Holder | x3 Palo Santo Sticks

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strength + growth + self confidence

This Pink Onyx Holder comes with three palo santo sticks and provides a convenient design for holding your Palo Santo stick safely as it burns (also contains a smaller internal hole for holding an incense stick). 

Pink Onyx is the crystal to nurture our soul whilst bringing us strength and the ability to release what is no longer serving our highest good.

Onyx is a crystal of purification. It is a nurturing and strong crystal that calms an overactive mind and helps us deal with our emotions directly bringing balance and the ability to focus on things that truly matter.

Onyx promotes stamina, self-confidence and personal strength. It helps us release the past and encourages balance to find our purpose whilst staying strong and confident.

Pink Onyx Chakra: Heart + Root Chakras

Pink Onyx Zodiac:  Leo + Capricorn

Pink Onyx Hardness:  # 1 - 3

Measurements: 115mm x 25mm

Weight ⚖️ :  351gm

Made in Mexico.

Your Pink Onyx Palo Santo Holder will be intuitively chosen just for you.  

As this is handmade from a softer onyx stone each piece has its own natural inclusions, chips and slight colour variations. Please be aware this piece is an individual and is not perfect.
Please contact us here if you would like photos of the exact piece you will receive.

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