Black & Pink Moonstone Palm Stone

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love + new beginnings + grounding

Pink and Black Moonstone encapsulate all of White Moonstones powerful healing properties. With the combination of pink moonstone it brings a deeper feminine heart warming energy and the combination of black moonstone it brings a focus to new beginnings and the new moon energy, promoting grounding and stability.

This beautiful dual moonstone is the perfect crystal for a new journey in life and it is strongly connected to the moon cycles. Allowing moonstone to connect and align with us can enhance our intuition and passion.

Moonstone can help balance our emotional body, encouraging lucid dreaming and igniting passionate, creative energy within, especially during a full and new moons.  

It is well known for being powerfully calming and can help us enhance our psychic abilities and further develop clairvoyance. A beautiful crystal filled with sensual, feminine energy that helps to stabilise our emotions and inspire feelings of self-worth and love.

Pink/Black Moonstone Chakra: Heart Chakra / Root Chakra

Pink/Black Moonstone Zodiac:  Cancer / Scorpio & Libra

Hardness: # 6


Palm #1 - 60mm x 57mm

Palm #2 - 58mm x 55mm

Palm #3 - 60mm x 55mm

Palm #4 - 66mm x 45mm

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