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love + positivity + strength 

Pink Amethyst makes a statement and has an energy to match. It has been described as a powerhouse of energy helping strengthen and open our upper chakras so that we may receive love and guidance.

Pink amethyst powerfully yet gently helps us release emotional wounds from the past and achieve a balance of love, compassion and peace within. It is well known for helping bring us comfort during grief

It helps to protect us from unwanted negative energies and is particularly helpful when struggling with positivity surrounding our body and image.

A love and friendship crystal, Pink Amethyst helps us strengthen existing relationships.  

Pink Amethyst Chakra: Heart Chakra

Pink Amethyst Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius + Capricorn

Hardness:  # 7


With Stand: H 310mm x W 175mm x D 100mm

Pink Amethyst Piece: H 235mm x W 175mm x D 40mm

Weight ⚖️:

With Stand: 2.2kg

Pink Amethyst Piece:  1.9kg

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