Chakra Healing Gift Set | Polished

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This chakra healing gift set is individually hand picked using beautiful, large, polished crystals.

Our selection of crystals is curated to connect with each energy centre within our body. A balanced set for all over crystal healing, meditation or simply kept close by during the day or to let them work their magic whilst we sleep. 

A wonderful option to help us connect with our chakras to balance the flow of energy throughout our body.

Each set contains seven large, polished, tumble stone crystals for each energy centre being:

Crown - Clear Quartz for Wisdom and Spirituality

Third Eye - Amethyst for Inspiration and Intuition

Throat - Blue Quartz for Communication and hope

Heart - Aventurine for Love and emotional balance

Solar Plexus - Citrine for Energy and Purpose

Sacral - Carnelian - Courage and Vitality

Base - Onyx - Grounding and Protection


Each tumble stone is approximately 20 - 40mm

Afterpay & Laybuy Available