Rainbow Moonstone Tumble

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intuition + confidence + balance

Rainbow Moonstone connects with our Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras helping to bring us psychic awareness and vision whilst balancing our emotions and igniting creative energy within.

Rainbow Moonstone is the crystal of new beginnings strongly connected to the moon and intuition. It is powerful in calming our emotional body and can be used to enhance clairvoyance.

It encourages intuition and lucid dreaming especially during a full moon! This crystal is filled with a beautiful, divine, feminine energy that promotes compassion, endurance and inner confidence.

Tumble Stones are the most versatile crystal shape making them perfect for crystal healing, meditation, laid on the skin or simply held in your hand.

Rainbow Moonstone Chakra: Solar Plexus + Third Eye Chakra

Rainbow Moonstone Zodiac:  Cancer

Hardness:  # 6

Measurements: 20mm - 25mm

*These tumbles are all different shapes, your tumble will be chosen intuitively just for you.

x1 Tumble Stone.


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