Rose Quartz Lamp with Base

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unconditional love + comfort + calm

Featuring an impressive large raw piece of Rose Quartz and a natural wooden base. This lamp creates a beautiful ambient glow and makes a stunning addition to your home with its beautiful pink tones and natural rough texture.

Rose Quartz connects with our upper chakras helping to bring us unconditional love along with a gorgeous gentle energy.

It is a crystal of infinite peace. Calming, reassuring and a companion during trauma, grief or heartache, it helps to soothe and nurture us, healing inner wounds and bringing us feelings of compassion and acceptance.

Rose Quartz can help restore harmony within our relationships but the relationship that it nurtures the most is the relationship with ourselves, it inspires deep self-love and to acknowledge our own self-worth.

It is a beauty that we can lean on time and time again for emotional support, calm energy and loving vibes. 

Rose Quartz Chakra:  Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Hardness:  # 7


Each crystal piece varies but approximately - Crystal - H 180mm x W 100mm

Base - H 35mm x W 130mm

Weight¬†‚öĖÔłŹ: 3.1kg

- Each lamp comes with power cord/light fitting and bulb.

Afterpay & Laybuy Available