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intuition + calm + clarity

Sapphire is a crystal for attracting good blessings and abundance into our life. It has a refreshing, calming energy and encourages us to release mental tension and helps restore our balance and harmony.

Sapphire is associated with wisdom and spiritual awakening and is known to help bring us guidance and spiritual clarity. It promotes deeper levels of consciousness and helps facilitate strong communication.

Sapphire Chakra:  Throat Chakra

Sapphire Zodiac:  Virgo

Hardness:  # 9

Weight & Measurements:

Size A: each piece approximately 20gm to 25gm / 30mm - 40mm

Size B: each piece approximately 10gm to 15gm / 20mm - 30mm

Size C: each piece approximately 4gm to 9gm / 20mm - 25mm

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