Septarian Palm Stone

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confidence + grounding + unity

Septarian connects with our Root Chakra helping to bring us powerful grounding energy and connecting us to the Earth. It is known for its tenacity and courage, encouraging patience and flexibility.

Septarian inspires self-confidence and harmony and is a wonderful talisman when we are embarking on a new journey or path in life.

It is a crystal connected to Mother Earth, a strong grounding stone helping to instil us with feelings of unity and enthusiasm. Septarian encourages us to let go of anger, worry and helps break any patterns of negative behaviour that maybe holding us back in life.

Septarian Chakra: Root Chakra

Septarian Zodiac:Ā  All

Hardness: #3.5 - 4


Palm #1 - 65mm x 49mm

Palm #2 - 65mm x 44mm

Palm #3 - 55mm x 46mm

Palm #4 - 65mm x 50mm (this palm is semi-polished)

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