Smoky Quartz Chip Bracelet | Brazilian

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light + positivity + grounding

Beautiful and mysterious, Smoky Quartz has a divine connection to Mother Nature. It embodies emotional calmness and healing.

Smoky Quartz connects with our Root Chakra bringing strong grounding energy and helping to restore our feelings of positivity and joy.

It is a detox for our aura, encouraging stability and emotional calmness and allowing in light and positivity. It helps to dissolve negative energy and transmute this into positivity.

Smoky Quartz helps us find our sense of purpose and joy and is a wonderful manifestation tool, inspiring focus in our life and radiating strength and love.

These bracelets make crystal healing super easy, worn against your skin on a daily basis they help keep your vibrations high!

Smoky Quartz Chakra:  Root Chakra

Smoky Quartz Zodiac:  Scorpio, Sagittarius + Capricorn

Hardness:  # 7

Measurements: each bead approximately 5mm - 10mm

Elastic cord make these beautiful bracelets easy to wear and one size fits most.

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