Sodalite Tumble

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intuition + balance + truth

Sodalite connects with and awakens our ThirdĀ and Throat Chakras promoting intuition and clear communication to speak our truth. ItĀ encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition along with helping us to verbalise our feelings.

SodaliteĀ brings emotional balance through clearing and calming our emotional body, helping to enhance our self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

It is a wonderful for when we are feeling overwhelmed and makes a wonderful meditation addition.

Tumble Stones are the most versatile crystal shape making them perfect for crystal healing, meditation, laid on the skin or simply held in your hand.

Sodalite Chakra: Third + Throat Chakras

Sodalite Zodiac:Ā  Sagittarius

Hardness:Ā  # 5.5 ā€“ 6

Measurements:Ā Ā 25mm - 35mm

*These tumbles are all different shapes and your tumble will be chosen intuitively just for you.Ā 

x1 Tumble.

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