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vitality + intuition + regeneration

Tanzanite connects with our upper chakras and it is a calming and soothing crystal full of vitality, optimism and inspiration.

It is well known for regeneration of our mind and body through stimulating and awakening the throat, third eye and crown chakras, bringing balance and promoting deep feelings of peace.

Tanzanite can help heighten our intuition and perception of situations and is wonderful for creating a connection between our mind and spirit.

Tanzanite Chakra:  Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Tanzanite Zodiac:  Sagittarius

Hardness:  # 6 - 6.5

Weight ⚖️ : (please see photo #4 for size reference)

Size A: 3 gram piece

Size B: 2 gram piece

Size C: 1 gram piece

Size D: less than 1gram piece (very small)

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