Tigers Eye Tumble

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optimism + courage + prosperity

Tigers Eye is a positive crystal connecting with our Sacral Chakra, helping to stabilise and ground our energy. It combines the energy of the earth with the energy of the sun, bringing us optimism and happiness.

Tigers Eye inspires courage to pursue new adventures. It helps promote feelings of motivation, confidence and success. It is an extremely protective and grounding crystal, throughout history it was known to be worn as an amulet to ward of negativity.

Tigers eye helps bring you feelings of security and stability whilst encouraging new opportunities, prosperity and abundance.

Tumble Stones are the most versatile crystal shape making them perfect for crystal healing, meditation, laid on the skin or simply held in your hand. 

Tigers Eye Chakra:  Sacral Chakra

Tigers Eye Zodiac:  Sagittarius + Pisces

Hardness:  # 6.5 - 7

Measurements: approximately 35mm - 45mm

*These tumbles are all different shapes and your tumble will be chosen intuitively just for you.

x1 Tumble.

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