Rose Aura Quartz Sphere

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infinite peace + love + emotional healing

Rose Aura Quartz is a crystal for infinite peace, love and emotional healing. It is made by bonding platinum with quartz in a vacuum chamber, giving it a lovely rosy pink sheen.

Rose Aura Quartz connects with our Heart Chakra to help bring us feelings of self-love and a sense of balance within our body. Rose Aura Quartz has a gentle and uplifting energy that helps with feelings of low self-esteem and worth.

It encourages feelings of joy, helping to heal the emotional body.

Rose Aura Quartz Chakra:  Heart Chakra

Rose Aura Quartz Zodiac:  Taurus

Hardness:  # 7

Measurements: approximately 83mm across

Weight ⚖️: 833 grams

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