Strawberry Quartz Tumble

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love + growth + passion

Love, life, growth and affection, Strawberry Quartz is the crystal to keep close by if we are looking to soothe our emotions, calm our mind and protect and purify our aura. 

It is a crystal full of security, understanding, protection, passion and self-love, it can help reignite our outlook on life as it helps to attract positive energy into our world. A crystal that loves to lift self-confidence and help us to truly share our unique, beautiful and authentic selves with the world.

Strawberry Quartz is also well known for helping with channelling and communication so that we can communicate with the higher realms and receive messages and guidance from our angels/spirit guides.

Representing life and growth, it is nurturing and a wonderful talisman for expectant mothers navigating the shift into motherhood.

It connects with our Root Chakra and is extremely grounding. It promotes physical healing by helping to remove any energy blockages within the body.

Well known for good fortune and a daily dose of joy!

Strawberry Quartz Chakra:  Root, Heart + Third Eye Chakras

Strawberry Quartz Zodiac:  Libra

Hardness:  # 7

Measurements:  each tumble is approximately 20mm - 35mm

*These tumbles are all different shapes, your tumble will be chosen intuitively just for you.

x1 Tumble.

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